Простенький рецепт

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A Cheap, Easy Dish for a Large Family. Take two pounds of best
Astrakhan caviare and fourteen ounces of superfine pate-de-foie-gras, and mix until a uniform paste has been secured. Take also the gizzards of eight ptarmigan and two pounds of fresh lemon pips and grind as small as possible. Boil the first mixture in butter for about twenty minutes and then add the second, stirring softly over a slow fire. When the desired softness has been obtained, drain off the water and stand aside for the steam to come off. Transfer to double saucepan and add the yolks of twelve eggs and a quarter to half a pound of guava jelly ; stir and boil slowly for an hour and a half.
Add half -a- pint of water; allow the mixture to stand for two hours and then strain through a clean cloth. The solid remaining in the cloth may be thrown away ; the liquid that comes through will, if allowed to stand for two hours, form a jelly. Place the jelly on a dish and serve with a garniture of breadcrumbs. If the utmost possible economy is necessary the breadcrumbs may be

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    Да ну вас нахуй

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    Победительница «Евровидения-2018» Нетта Барзилай не приедет в РФ на церемонию вручения музыкальной премии канала «Муз-ТВ из-за участия в гей-параде. Певица заявила, что событие в Тель-Авиве для нее «гораздо важнее».

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    Чем меньшее в страну въежжает страшных людей, тем лучше имхо

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    Не особо у нас тут гей-активистов привечают

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